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Artbag uses time tested methods to clean and refinish all types of materials, including suede, silk, canvas, leather, and exotic skins.
We also offer a color change option. We can make a custom color for any of your leather items.


If the zipper on your favorite handbag or suitcase needs replacing, Artbag, has you covered. We can replace your zipper with an original manufacturer zipper used in many designer items.
Or, if your bag does not have a zipper, we can install one for you.


Often time wear and tear on your corners can cause the internal plastic piping to be exposed. Artbag can replace the complete piping or install a patch on the exposed area. 


Artbag can duplicate your handle or strap as original or with any alterations you desire, such as a longer crossbody strap or broader strap.


Artbag can replace your lining in the original color or fabric, or you can personalize it with any color or material that you desire. You can add pockets and zippers to existing linings, or remove the divider to add space to the main compartment.

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