Hillel Tenenbaum founded Artbag in 1932, a former professor at The Fashion Institute of Technology. He had a passion for perfection that was instilled into his son-in-law and future business partner Louis Rosenberg.


Rosenberg, a tinsmith by trade, brought his knowledge of metals and quality workmanship to Artbag. He was considered the king of "quality control," well before it was a catch phrase in today's society. 


In 1993, Donald Moore, protégé of Hillel Tenenbaum and business partner of Rosenberg, purchased the business from Mr. Rosenberg. Mr. Moore began his career at Artbag in 1959. He worked alongside Mr. Tenenbaum for over two decades learning pattern making and handbag construction. This enabled Moore to create some of his own styles and recognize flaws and potential issues with the designs of other handbag makers.


This footprint of perfection has left an indelible mark on the current owner, Chris Moore. Chris began making bags with his father, Donald Moore at an early age. He has acquired the knowledge and expertise in the art of bag making and repair. The younger Mr. Moore has been called upon by many major publications as a source of information on handbag design and maintenance.


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