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Leather Care 101


Proper care of leather is required to extend the life of the skin. There are different types of leather, broken down by the animal it comes from (cow, lamb, pig, ostrich, snake, alligator, etc.), and the tanning process (how the skin is treated and dyed). They all have the same quality; they are breathable skins that require moisture so that they do not dry out.


The type of leather determines how you maintain the skin. For example, you should not use oil-based conditioners or creams on matte and nubuck leather because the oil will change the color of the leather. For most leather skins, you can use conditioners and creams with oils to keep the leather soft and limit fading. The treatment will also provide a protective layer to lessen the wear from friction.


For best results, use a neutral shoe cream every month.

  • Remove dust and dirt from the exterior of the bag with a cloth.

  • Test the cream on the bottom of the bag first to make sure it gives you the desired result.

  • Apply the cream on the surface of your leather bag, following the directions that come with the product.


Before storing the bag, stuff it to maintain the shape and, if possible, place inside a dust cover.


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