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Know when to DIY


Don’t be tempted to remove stains from your bag or makeup and lipstick marks on the lining. You risk doing more harm than good by attempting a bit of DIY! Remember that all skins are not tanned and treated the same. The process will dictate how the leather will respond to cleaning and conditioning products. There is a chance you might choose the wrong products for your bag. Keep in mind that sometimes the damage cannot be reversed. However, if the damage is repairable, the cost will be excessively high. Save yourself the pressure of getting it right, and leave it to the professionals who have specialized products and knowledge of different leathers.


Knowing the right products to use is not the only concern when doing DIY cleaning. You must have the right touch. Overly aggressive rubbing on leather can remove the finish and change the texture. It is a common occurrence for me to have to inform clients that damage caused by excessive friction is not reversible once the texture changes and becomes smooth when it was once grained or textured. Sometimes there is a happy ending, and I can help them come up with creative alterations to camouflage the damaged area.


Stains from grease, ink, cosmetics, or other oily products require professional treatment. In most instances, the sooner you treat the stain, the more likely it will respond to the cleaning efforts.

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